Passione e perseveranza

Miranda K. Brawn

Draw your life goals and create your successful mindset with visualisation to manifest your dreams in all areas of life. In her second TEDx talk, Professor Miranda K. Brawn shares her 30+ years of experience studying the ‘Laws of Success’ which includes talking to thousands of some of the world’s most successful mindsets, you will learn how to achieve your dreams and goals using the powerful tool of the “D.A.R.E.” model. This empowers you to envision your goals including joy and happiness through the ‘Art of Drawing’ while exercising ‘Passion and perseverance’.

MIRANDA is a multi award-winning dynamic personality who has been named ‘one of the leading women of colour motivational speakers on the planet’ speaking on global stages alongside the likes of global motivational speakers (Jack Canfield, Les Brown) and global leaders (Bill Gates, Hilary Clinton, prime ministers and politicians). Also, a fastest success mindset coach also known as ‘The 60 sec. Coach’, educator, philanthropist, former investment banker, hedge fund sales trader, lawyer (barrister) and senior Visiting Fellow at Oxford University, boardroom advisor, consultant working with teams and leaders across global organisational boardrooms and non-profits to inspire them to create different strategies capturing vision and purpose.

More recently, the host and producer of ‘The D.A.R.E. Podcast’ Show on ‘Successful Mindsets’ with some of the most successful global leaders and celebrities around the world available on You Tube, Apple and Spotify etc. Miranda loves helping people to achieve their goals and find true happiness within themselves regardless of life’s challenges through her mentoring and coaching via her ‘TMBDLF’ Charity and Coaching which have helped thousands of people with a ripple effect of millions. She appeared in many publications and media print, television, radio and online including Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNBC, BBC, ITV’s GM Britain, BET, TED, Forbes magazine to name but a few.